Ultimate Garden Mix

A blend of Black Earth, compost and #1 screened Topsoil. The Black Earth provides organic matter, Compost adds nutrients, and Topsoil provides added density and fertility . An excellent soil used alone or ideally, incorporated into existing soil.

Lawn Mix

This soil is half Black earth and half # 1 Screened Topsoil. The topsoil had the fertility and density required to establish a new lawn or to top dressing an existing lawn. The Black Earth is high in organic matter which helps lighten the soil, and helps retain moisture to ensure the best germination.

Black Earth

This is a humus peat soil similar to peat moss. It contains 85-90% organic matter as it is formed from decomposed vegetation. An excellent source of organic matter that can be incorporated with other soils. Also can be used to top dress existing lawns.

#1 Screened Topsoil

A loose, fertile, loamy topsoil that makes a good seed bed for a new lawn or for leveling an existing lawn.


Compost ingredients include: leaf waste, grass clippings, restaurant waste, cardboard, manure and mushroom compost. This is very high in nutrients and an excellent soil additive.